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REVIEW: Side Effects

REVIEW: Side Effects

Director Steven Soderbergh vows this will be his last movie.  Well, he leaves on a high note. This is one of his best yet. That says a lot considering  the predecessors: “Out Of Sight”; Traffic”; “Erin Brockovitch” and “Ocean’s 11” (and 12).

This one is jammed packed with one surprise after the other. Rooney Mara stars as a wife who is anything but overjoyed to be reunited with her insider trading hubby (Channing Tatum) who was  just sprung from prison.  She’s so depressed, she tries to kill herself.  Enter a shrink (Jude Law) who’s all too willing to go with the pharma-cure only to have both shocked by the dangerous  side effects.   What follows is a layered story  that unfolds like a peeled onion, smarting more and more the more you peel.  

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays another shrink from the past in this totally taut, sexy,  psychological  thriller. Alfred Hitchcock would be proud.

4 stars


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