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REVIEW: Dead Man Down

REVIEW: Dead Man Down

Revenge is delievered in the form of blood and distrust to a gangster named Alphonse (Terrence Howard). Cornered by an unknown person sending threatening letters and even more threatening corpses, Alphonse must figure out who is attacking his mind and body before its too late. In his crew is Darcy (Dominic Cooper) and Victor (Colin Farrell).

While this story begins as a genre revenge movie, it takes a slight turn when Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) inserts herself in the life of her neighbor Victor. Blackmailing him with a secret that could get him arrested by the police or worse killed by Alphonse, she sets a new tone for the film.

Two broken souls traveling on the road to revenge, healing and tearing each other apart along the way. Must this happy ending end in death or can new life grow from the past.

This movie has a story that has been told before, I'll admit that. At the same time though, its deeper, darker and more emotional thanks to its cast and director Niels Arden Oplev (director of the original Girl with Dragon Tattoo). This movie is defined more by its silences than the words and was a better watch for it. Bloody, angry and broken become something else through the filter of this movie. Find out which result you yourself root for.

Grade: B

Rating: R

Running time: 1hr 58min

Exclusive Interviews with Cast - Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace & Terrence Howard

Movie Trailer - Dead Man Down

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